How can your home make you happy?

We chat to Melbourne based Miss Glass Home to get their take on homes, health and happiness.

What is your secret to a Healthy Home?

My secret to a healthy home is to remove as many chemicals as possible and use plant based organic products where I can. The biggest move I’ve made to be chemical free is in the laundry where I use plant based, organic laundry washes and detergents by Tangent Garment Care. I use their hand soaps in the bathroom too, so it feels great to have a healthier home – that also smells beautiful too!.

Why is home organisation so important to you?

Home organisation is super important to me because a clean, organised home gives me a clear mind and I feel it gives me a calming affect when around home.

I’m a fan of Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus of The Minimalists as they have a great message to reclaim our time, rid ourselves of extra stuff allowing us to live in the moment more.

What is your go-to to help clear your mind?

I’ve only recently been starting to meditate with the help of podcasts and they really have a great affect on clearing my mind. Another great tool is going for a “gratitude walk” which is simply a walk by yourself where you have time to think and be grateful for the weather or the roof over your head – it can be whatever you want it to be, but a great way to naturally reduce stress mentally and physically.