How to wake up like a yoga teacher

Ever wondered what it’s like to wake up like a yoga teacher? We talk all things healthy-morning-habits with yoga-turned-entrepreneur Masha from Happy Melon Studios. As she gears up to host our next Mindful Morning on 3 August, she took a moment to let us pick her brain about how she stays motivated each morning.

What are your healthy morning habits?

Since early teenage hood, I remember rolling out of bed and having a glass of warm water and lemon tea. I still do it 7 days a week (sometimes even travel with a lemon in my bag). I think, it’s one of the best ways to wake up the body and tummy. Nowadays I do things like tongue strap and some cold water on the face, especially in winter. But nothing ever beats hot lemon water drink.

What can’t you go without each morning?

I have a ritual of meditating in the morning. I really love it and I think mediation is FUN. All the promotional material about mediation should say: “mediation is fun, challenging fun”. No one ever talks about it in terms of fun and joy and excitement… I think it is.

Who is your ultimate partner in crime?

I have a dog that looks like a black bear and his name is Sancho Bao. I love him and think he walks me in the morning as a ritual, rather then me taking him for a walk. Everyone in my neighborhood knows him and loves him!

Catch Masha guiding a yoga practice at Greenfields Albert Park on Thursday 3 August, 2017. Update: Tickets for this event are Sold Out.