Why pink lattes are the new obsession

Have you considered dropping the coffee addiction, but not sure what to swap it out for? We caught up with Cha Cha Tea to discuss all things ready-to-drink pink tea and found out just why it’s such a good drink alternative.

Cha Cha is pumped with natural goodness, and is free from preservatives, sugar, caffeine, gluten, and dairy. If you’re considering cutting down your caffeine intake for winter, then you might like to consider this vegan-friendly drink.

So, what exactly is it made of? The pink latte is a combination of the Cha Cha signature Strawberry Swoon Tea Mixer and the Sweet Beets Barista Boost. Containing a fruity blend of hibiscus, rosehip, strawberry pieces, apple pieces, beetroot and hibiscus.


Also a child friendly refreshment for your little ones! Drop into the Eatery from Wednesday to Sunday to take it for a test drive.