What's buzzy right now: How the solar eclipse will shake you up

The eclipse season is HERE! Commonly known to “upset the natural order”, eclipses bringing change and transformation, and new beginnings for long term growth. If you’ve been working through a rough patch for the past couple of months (feeling a little worse for wear), it will come to a head this month, for better or for worse, and start to settle down over the coming couple of weeks. Each eclipse signals the end of something and the beginning of something else. One thing is for sure, there is a big tendency to over-react in this time! Follow love and heart, instead of pride and ego at this time, so you can evolve and transform for the better.

Eclipse time: Tuesday 22 August between 1:45am and 7am

Although it is known as the “Great American Eclipse” (moving right across the US from west to east), the total solar eclipse will not be viewable by those residing in the Southern Hemisphere. The eclipse will be visible from North America, and parts of South American, Africa and Europe.

However, that does not mean that it will not effect us south-hemispherians! Over the next two weeks, Check out the below energy forecast by one of our favourites, Well+Good.


It’s possible work’s making you feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day right now, and you’re dealing with the urge to free yourself from this perceived stagnation. But consider the facts before making any sudden moves: Is this job an important part of the career path you’ve mapped out?  If so, abruptly peace-ing out can obviously cause problems. Weigh your options carefully before putting in your two weeks. Still, if you’ve been battling the desire to bounce for awhile, the eclipse’s energy might be just what you need to finally give notice.


The eclipse could compel you to focus your (many) strengths on work. Your motivation? A very unusual feeling for your sign of all conditions being right. Your drive to get things done may seem boundless and completely in harmony. Just be aware that loved ones might perceive this self-centered phase as a little OTT. Best to keep your ego in check.


The eclipse will bring the Gems of the world a much needed break. In your career, people who have the power to help and motivate you may be quick to dole out (well-deserved) kudos. On the friendship side of things, you could learn a lot from an older BFF willing to share her sage advice. And you could experience a similar student-teacher vibe in your romantic life, too. Bottom line: Time to listen and take notes.


Crabs are ruled by the moon, which means Cancers can be emotional, sensitive, nurturing, and moody. The eclipse is happening next door, in the sign of sun-ruled Leo, so your experience will be far less drama-filled than others. Still, if you do experience any affects, it’ll likely be someone unloading their theatrics on you, which can be challenging, but manageable. Consider this your cosmic “get out of jail free” card, and count your lucky stars.


Since the eclipse is happening in your sign, it’ll affect you in some major ways. Prepare for an emotional detour on your career path for starters. But getting in touch with your feelings can actually help you get ahead a work. Communication is key, after all—just try to avoid airing every grievance inflicted by a co-worker, or pointing out all the ways in which they aren’t performing to your exacting standards. Same goes in your friend zone. And as for love? Leo’s were born to be in the spotlight, but if you’re spending more time acting than being your authentic self, worries, actions, and drama might bring down the curtain early on a relationship.


As Leo’s other neighbor, the eclipse will seem like it’s happening next door: You’ll benefit the most by pretending no one’s home. Plus, with your sign’s ruler, Mercury, in a back spin, you’ll have other things angling for your attention. Work, specifically every last detail of growing your career, will take up most of your time. Just be mindful of how you talk to others while ascending. Even if they ask for your opinion, they might not be prepared for your version of “constructive criticism.” So try to soften the blow, or save your opinions for the people you know who can really handle the truth. In love, you’ll be DTF—as in down to forgive. Felt scorn for a lover as of late? Now’s the time to let it (instead of them) go.


The effects of this Leo eclipse for Libras will be, in a word, awesome. You could experience some form of “luck” that’s hard to explain. At work, you could very well feel like the keys to the corner office have been handed over to you for safe keeping. Committed partnerships will be strengthened, and those starting under the eclipse might actually feel “blessed” in some real ways. Living the single life? Now’s an idyllic time to take your self-care routine to the next level—maybe even by planning a solo trip.


Never one to suffer fools gladly, Scorpios might find the eclipse especially challenging in this regard because it’ll feel like every one of them wants to talk to you right now. At work, take time off (if you can) or keep your head down and bite your tongue. Use your gut to gauge your friends wisely, as well. Who really wants your advice and who’s just fishing for compliments? Better to toss those BFFs back until after Labor Day. You’ll have plenty to juggle when it comes to interpersonal relationships until then. Fortunately, when it comes to matters of the heart, it’ll be smooth sailing.


Prepare yourself: You’ll inevitably come across people who think they’ve found The Secret and really want to share it with you. It’ll be your job to be the voice of reason, which could feel way more intense than Pure Barre’s new fusion class. Your friends may chafe at your suggestion to remove their rose-colored sunglasses, but just let them know that you have their best interests at heart. Still, it’ll be important to exercise restraint not just with them, but with your love interests and co-workers, too. If they don’t ask, don’t tell.


It might feel as if you’ve been on a cosmic roller coaster for the past few years; here’s your chance to get off the ride. But doing so will require you to recognize the energetic forces working for or against you. Be present—and maybe sage to be safe. Just know, you won’t be the only one making observations under this eclipse. All your hard work might start to pay off at the office in the form of a promotion or other recognition of achievement. You and your true-blue BFFs (you know, the ones that’ve seen you through the ups and downs) could finally cement your ride-or-die status with matching floral bomber jackets, NBD.


Your sun sits opposite of Leo’s. What does that mean? Expect to experience a rare phenomena during the eclipse: Asking for help from others—something that Aquarians don’t usually like. The good news, though, is that people will be happy to lend a hand. Focus on what you know you need to reach your goals, and start there. Just don’t forget the magic words: please and thank you!


Generally, your artistic side will shine, and you’ll be able to express yourself through some sort of writing, dance, theater, music, visual art, or video. In your career, the last few years have made you adept at dealing with the tough stuff, and have adequately prepared you for the bump in energy (and possible promotion) you’ll experience during the eclipse. Your loved ones will benefit from your seeing them as even more amazing than usual—and that’s saying something!